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People like photos, so I took some.

#Whole Watch Pretty boring, looks just like every F-91W, apart from the binary time display. Top vertical segments are hours, bottom vertical segments are minutes, horizontal segments are there for locating the bits.


#Frame The wire sticking out of the bottom left hole is connected to Vcc. It has been used to power the watch during firmware development.


#Populated PCB Despite of the small-sized components (all passives are 0402), populating the pluto PCB is doable given a microscope and plenty of flux. The inductor at the bottom left as been harvested from the original PCB. The crystal is wrapped in sticky tape to avoid shorting C1.

populated pcb

#Perfect fit Like magic, all components fit perfectly within the plastic frame. Little space has been wasted.


#Blank PCB I case you're curios, there it is:

blank pcb

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