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  1. hppc hppc Public

    High Performance Primitive Collections for Java

    Java 965 155

  2. smartsprites smartsprites Public

    CSS Sprites Generator Done Right. SmartSprites maintains CSS sprites in your designs, fully automatically. No tedious copying and pasting to your CSS when adding or changing sprited images.

    Java 132 37

  3. junit-benchmarks junit-benchmarks Public archive

    JUnitBenchmarks (git clone of the head SVN)

    58 26

  4. jsuffixarrays jsuffixarrays Public archive

    JSuffixArrays (Suffix Arrays in Java)

    Java 57 11

  5. langid-java langid-java Public archive

    Java port of (language identifier)

    Java 28 7

  6. solr-visualization solr-visualization Public archive

    Visualization of clustered, faceted and pivoted search results from Apache Solr

    JavaScript 15 4


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