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  • v3.3.9.8
  • dbd8571
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  • v3.3.9.8
  • dbd8571
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@carsenk carsenk released this Sep 7, 2020 · 13 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.9.8 Mandatory Update


Denarius Release Notes:

  • Protocol Bump to 33933 (All nodes will need to update)
  • Jupiter IPFS now has PeerID and PubKey Support (If using jupiterlocal=1)
  • Include Vout TX Hex Data with asm in Transactions
  • Added Transaction Sizes to RPC
  • Update to FortunaStakes
  • Improved FS Status Information
  • Updated getinfo and other RPC Commands to return more information
  • Updated other RPC commands for use with Kronos (
  • Added burn RPC command (Credits to @CircuitBreaker88)
  • New EUR Balance in QT Overview (Credits to @CircuitBreaker88)
  • Random updates, fixes, and improvements to Denarius overall

Credits to @buzzkillb for being so kind and hosting our chaindata at

Denarius.exe Hashes

CRC64: 5D4AB44F21EBA00B
SHA256: 8B1D5225214CD08E9388624D0A9A7F5DFEF4623F1B1B1C8EB83D7085DF6B56D1
SHA1: C00315327EA73D6618292F8B5B761D738D3DF93C
BLAKE2sp: 521782DAC158073876426EE25C1BBAEBFB7105A6E2D43DDBFCC4772814C7C544 Hashes

CRC64: 64CB101088A96056
SHA256: 6D5DB6C0F54D39F7DEB52AB8EFC08356FD6B26A87BF3A846F3976CEFEE963E11
SHA1: 4A46AF4DC7D3D6BDB4301C97FA601D704A7D90AA
BLAKE2sp: 7008326400B318F34D1421D357988060BA6E2E27EB56D24DFC755B357F8513C6

Assets 4
  • v3.3.9.7
  • 9ae9024
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  • v3.3.9.7
  • 9ae9024
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@carsenk carsenk released this Feb 7, 2020 · 53 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.9.7


Changes and Features:

  • New Denarius Jupiter Flags (-jupiterlocal=1 and -jupiterip=ipfsnodeip:port to specify a remote or locally hosted IPFS node) Default is jupiterlocal=0 and uses APIs to connect to IPFS
  • (sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev is required as a dep now!)
  • New proofofdata RPC Command
  • Updated Jupiter IPFS UI in the Denarius QT
  • New jupiterduo and jupiterduopod commands (Must have jupiterlocal flag enabled)
  • Autocomplete in the Denarius QT Debug Window
  • Fixes for upcoming PoW Block 3 Million. (Proof of Work rewards end)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Updates
  • Snap is updated as always snap refresh denarius or snap install denarius on any Linux distro and arch!

SHA256 Hash: A022FEC6D9C5C4EA747A8F121E39578842803FB2CF3BA57C4798760A85906878
SHA1 Hash: 6AF62D2F684EAE99ECB27289182E6A1C9722668E
CRC64 Hash: 9F8F0D998A62B44E


SHA256 Hash: 16F7D0D928C02878428BAB1F697128079EB08FAD3480184716EFA450B051B694
SHA1 Hash: 0BB82DA5C91327A3AF22A40213152E89EA7FA839
CRC64 Hash: 4849558F817C7921


SHA256 Hash: C96DD1EAE3F0E28DD1F0800BC4DC420A8B5B079AC9713D312FB158A335C55B31
SHA1 Hash: CA3C8DC4AA4D251ABBCA59D1B817281A1578F24B
CRC64 Hash: 7C31BFFE0150DBA7
Assets 2
  • v3.3.9.6
  • d13b3f9
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  • v3.3.9.6
  • d13b3f9
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@carsenk carsenk released this Nov 27, 2019 · 73 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.9.6

IPFS + Infura/Localhost + Denarius = Jupiter


  • sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev is now required as a dep for compiling Denarius QT or denariusd
  • Jupiter Release!
  • Denarius now utilizes libcurl (libcurl4-openssl-dev) and the IPFS C++ Library (Included with the repo src/ipfs) to connect through an IPFS gateway to upload files and other in space shenanigans. Currently uses for API, options will be coming soon for using a localhost IPFS gateway and more.
  • Jupiter Tab in the Denarius QT (Upload your files straight into space)
  • Jupiter RPC Commands: jupiterversion & jupiterupload <filelocation>
  • Small improvements and fixes
  • More coming next release

As always, Snap will automatically update you to Denarius v3.3.9.6 once it is fully published. Please give it a few hours from this announcement of the release. Hash

SHA256: 6D8ACABE1E5B1B1C20978B06F80861B498C03F97B698D299EDA6E6CB2A517585
SHA1: B2F00086A0F6030EF91B9C2711820D8BE733A869
CRC64: 9F3891A2A90877C7

Denarius.exe Hash

SHA256: 36BBD54FD29D5402BFD7507B5BD94C817A7320DC7475DF7A28E8F276A3A3353D
CRC64: F04EB9E45CC18BE5

Denarius-v3.3.9.6-macOS.dmg Hash

Previous Release v3.3.9.5:
-Experimental Thin Mode now in action, not yet ready for primetime, a WIP
-Full Node optimizations and debug log cleanup
-New getinfo data returned such as datadir, node type, etc.
-More information about Thin mode coming soon.

-As of Denarius v3.3.9.4 we are now introducing Snapcraft builds. Snap will now auto build upon commits to our master branch. Snap enables you to now easily install denarius (Denarius QT) and denariusd (denarius daemon) on most Linux distributions easily and quickly. Simply install Denarius from the Snap Store or run the commands below:

Denarius Snap Store:

sudo apt-get install snap
sudo snap install denarius

After installing you can now run Denarius QT with the command denarius or denariusd with denarius.daemon

-Fixed the masternode status rpc command
-Added dialog to QT while backing up wallet
-IsSelectableSocket() function was added
-Added getblockchaininfo rpc command and refactored some rpc
-Updated getblock rpc to include chainwork
-Added -zapwallettxes flag upon startup (clears wallet transactions and then rescans the chain)
-Added Denarii as a unit option inside of the QT

Assets 2
  • v3.3.9.3
  • fa5dd1f
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  • v3.3.9.3
  • fa5dd1f
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@carsenk carsenk released this Sep 18, 2019 · 163 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.9.3

  • Added Wallet Unlock Dialog when starting a single FS in the QT
  • Added -fsconflock=1 Icon to the QT for visualization of your locked FS
  • Added -maxuploadtarget flag to set a maximum upload data target
  • Added -maxorphantx flag to set a maximum amount of orphan transactions, default is usually good
  • Updated denarius.conf creation addnodes to latest v3.3.9.3
  • Updated Denarius DNS Seeder Nodes
  • Wallet performance improvements
  • You can now stake large inputs
  • Fixed CreateTX priority
  • Added STUN server support for GetSTUNExternalIP()
    (STUN is described in RFC3489 and it is based on the exchange of UDP packets between a client and one or more servers to determine the externally visible address (and port) of the client once it has gone through the NAT boxes that connect it to the outside.)
  • Added bytes sent and received to peer RPC commands

From v3.3.9.2:

  • Added getnettotals, ping, getnetworkinfo, and disconnectnode RPC Commands
  • Fixed FortunaStake last seen times
  • Updated Protocol to 33900 - EVERYONE must UPDATE
  • Added some additional debug
  • Fixed segfault upon startup on fresh nodes/wallets Hash:

SHA256: 03A235A58FD04E88AAAD9E0A9199D9843A4B42C58C0B7F92DAE2E31B0CF3BAA3
SHA1: F065E8EB30B255492720E1A5C31B72FDE2B0B1F3

Denarius.exe Hash:

SHA256: F5F630847D4A226096F1790D6CF97D34058C91B12A57E0BCEA2CA88EBB8EA79F
SHA1: D5C14DC81AADBE9E46AE73BA465024B67F8DB78D

Denarius-v3.3.9.3-macOS.dmg Hash:

SHA256: 24EBF026BAEF336A57919A618F074C81DA798B3E584C30EF903CFE4937143123
SHA1: 2D0D9AD9FE56304D00A4774EB4FB7C2673DCDE8A
CRC64: EB63295F714A8E99
Assets 2
  • v3.3.9.2
  • 452d07b
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  • v3.3.9.2
  • 452d07b
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@carsenk carsenk released this Aug 25, 2019 · 180 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.9.2

-Added getnettotals, ping, getnetworkinfo, and disconnectnode RPC Commands
-Fixed FortunaStake last seen times
-Updated Protocol to 33900 - EVERYONE must UPDATE
-Added some additional debug
-Fixed segfault upon startup on fresh nodes/wallets Hashes:

SHA256: 43E827255805143B6030A387EDFF2E5E1B399293271693391FC4E226405EDC5D
SHA1: 6C5FC8166A0387A9219C611E701E632D69EF74CC
CRC64: D88B92EADAC44242

Denarius.exe (v3.3.9.2 From Hashes:

SHA256: CB89FDFEF67417FB70B74F38B2021FC810204233411BE266BC46A743BCC8AB6C
SHA1: E0EA15B3B22D1A8269877C3E299550514E806F81
CRC64: 8CE345EAF02C117C


SHA256: 86196C5BB5825838AF231F73F50C80324DC38E2D5D87B5B66C71F9A83E851229
SHA1: 0DACC4789C25179979144C70C9E0DAF507F189F1
CRC64: 9787E7F3815732A9
Assets 2
  • v3.3.9.1
  • d6cca99
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  • v3.3.9.1
  • d6cca99
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@carsenk carsenk released this Jun 13, 2019 · 213 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.9.1 Release Notes

  • Added ARM/ARM64 Architecture Build Support, You can now build denariusd or Denarius-QT on Raspberry Pis, nanoPi NEOs, ODROIDs, and other ARM platform SoC and devices. This will continually be improved upon and adds a new makefile.arm for compiling on these platforms (1GB of RAM is recommended to run denariusd)
  • New "USE_NATIVETOR=-" flag while compiling Denarius-QT or denariusd, You can now compile without the Tor Library with Denarius, provides greater platform build support for D
  • Denarius-QT Wallet Optimizations, The wallet now runs much faster overall and better responsiveness
  • Added Estimated EUR (Euro) Balance to Overview page in QT
  • Fixed QT Tab Status Texts
  • Fixed and Optimized Staking Icon in QT Wallet
  • Added Travis Building for ease of development workflow
  • Added Snapcraft.yaml for future Snap App Store Support on many Linux Distros (Currrently WIP)
  • Updated README to include Travis statistics and Snap Building
  • listtransactions RPC Command was fixed to show received PoS Fortuna Stake rewards properly
  • Updated and added for ease of building Denarius QT and denariusd on Linux platforms (These will be deprecated in the future in favor of Snapcraft/Snap)
  • Updated QT to display more Recent Transactions on Overview
  • Overall optimizations and updates relating to syncing and initial blockchain download. Fixes some segfaults.
  • Added tinyformat.h header for access to tfm formatting
  • C++11 is now supported
  • Fixed Staking Icon when wallet is unlocked for staking only
  • Syncing is now roughly 100x faster on all platforms
  • Added new seed nodes for D
  • Use of null pointers for some invalid return values throughout the QT client. (macOS Mainly)
  • More debug code for Ring Signatures (WIP for v3.4)
  • Thanks to CircuitBreaker, denarius.conf is now created automatically for out of the box configuration Hashes:

SHA256: CD4867B8EBC78E816CD6B8F58350FD4F2D188577B28317C71D74AC3AD8F263B6
SHA1: B37D3C62DCED18E5CEEF3BB928CC88811CFB3756

Denarius.exe (v3.3.9.1 From Hashes:

SHA256: 95688F3BF14AD14AD6FBE961A4D901A24F7218888A0D076419A3ECC545DA202E
SHA1: CAFA9209F384F4A9B9A25C6C471C7B15B1E2778E
CRC64: 1D5C587587FFA8C7

Denarius-v3.3.9.1.dmg (macOS) Hashes:

SHA256: 3B47382D461D66A699DB8D1154CFCF4310EEFA8417438AD787912F40827F844A
SHA1: F5B26AED93890F463E35537706728C605B98E9A5
CRC64: 9103CA82DE2239B9 Hashes:

SHA256: 6D63BD068AEB06EDBCFB5CFBC1A082C0E9438041722AF17A2E567E48C838AB87
SHA1: 838F6345B1965DC33DD80CAB01252444E3E51471
Assets 3
  • v3.3.7
  • e8751fa
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  • v3.3.7
  • e8751fa
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@carsenk carsenk released this Feb 16, 2019 · 338 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.7

-Fixed QT segfaults across all OSs
-Fixed QT compiling across all OSs
-Added buzzkillb Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 Denarius QT installer bash script
-Fixed Trade D link to in QT
-Updated Refresh button in QT
-Fixed macOS compatibility/building Hashes

SHA256   48ba0a1faef06be8782b000e181ed7cc19bd46fa3b0d39a8a826f92dbe64c764
MD5	8ca1c600eaef106a36d2146f8f86bf66
SHA-1	4dd38dd66a7c27b8f6e35e95ab1d6b6b71b2b987

Denarius.exe Hashes

SHA256   2d36271560d448283bc39712e2ace64a1b21a2c3538580c101a20f8a2c6a43ba
MD5	72c68308f762ed5cfb97663a27c5d1c0
SHA-1	8de3e5a87f58448bc240ca4088a9f73d218b5c12
Authentihash	aa29fecf16852ba696fd361c6671d0d9e92ff3d30a74f47002e72592bc7bf638
Imphash	2852de0dcb5e0559e5231e10136fad4b

Denarius-v3.3.7-macOS.dmg Hashes

SHA256   683ed887479beab00254d53e95ce4d8779d617d2a45532522fffc28c5381f869
MD5	11ae922f86f487ec039215a3b8340096
SHA-1	63066c793718fe392b34fb6df618a34bbe7be644

denariusd-v337-ubuntu1604.tar.gz Hashes

SHA256   e1f44f94de8d85c0f5fa5a2138b91b4ad695d925c269900815700625028ffd84
MD5	fc16dc11a21d62a85f499ff2482b85ad
SHA-1	f1e84c3d0e712e6ac616480a09854333dc3e3d96 Hashes

SHA256: 85625F4F2877906110DA4371EC835AACB36782073B1F0066AC7DE84FAF19AD45
SHA1: 564C0C7D6A2A5B73726FB5E70135107381E105E7 Hashes

CRC32: EF2886CA
SHA256: 7FF59A8BF94BBD84D9FBEA76A6732EE380B7E5DF0913D5BDA7061DFD9FCBB7F2
SHA1: 32934FDA3F249C97924910A1F1B1F85E1B8A635D

Assets 5

@carsenk carsenk released this Jan 22, 2019 · 236 commits to v3.4 since this release

Denarius v3.3.6

-Tons of fixes, improvements, and stability updates
-New Protocol 33500
-New Peers Tab in QT
-New Denarius News in QT
-Fortuna Stake Improvements

Official Release notes coming soon and more binaries. Still in our v3.4 branch for development currently. Latest version is v3.3.6 in the master branch or binaries below.

Please update your wallet as soon as possible, as there are significant improvements to take advantage of! We recommend clearing your peers.dat when installing this update to improve your connection experience.


  • Fixed consensus issues in the FPS payment spread algorithm which were causing network de-syncs for some affected wallets.
  • Due to excessive I/O during sync, stealth transaction scanning is now disabled by default when you have no stealth addresses in your wallet. If you have a stealth address already configured, scanning will occur.
    If you have stealth addresses, but don't care about them, stealth scanning can be manually disabled with the config option -disablestealth
  • Fixed lag issues when syncing from 0 using wallets with large amounts of existing transactions.
  • Added the peers table in the settings dialog. You may now check out your current peers and their ping-time and other stats in the GUI! Nodes should now also select the closest node by ping-time to sync with.
  • Optimized the FortunaStake FPS blockchain scanning algorithm.
  • Added queuing system to getblocks; the message handling thread will no longer wait in a lock for the message to be pushed to the peer. Users on slow connections should see some significant sync speed improvements.
  • Tweaked wallet payment parameters - wallets will now choose to pay masternodes regardless of seeing their heartbeat. Some situations occured where a wallet did not receive a ping due to unreliable network circumstances, and would time out of people's lists.
  • Improved start-up time, and introduced a loading indicator to the splash screen for long rescans.
  • Fixed a possible segfault in the active FPS wallet which could cause the client to crash on heartbeat and refuse to become active until the txid is changed.
  • Fixed another possible segfault while starting up.
  • Cleaned up debug output

Please note, linux binaries require the associated development libraries to be installed from the package manager: libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev libevent-dev libdb++-dev.

Denarius.exe Windows Binary Hashes:

SHA256   3888badd7498c9c6b26825fbf041415def4ae8597207963c38d40f5cd01b7895
MD5	b02a43a707e934143d9ba7a903d44458
SHA-1	7ec9d647fa7a72cb84615048b9660bd1279dc4bd
Authentihash	f9b4b5182df8c06e4c54f7eb6adf5e8c2b7398cbec3da0483a579191147306c7
Imphash	2852de0dcb5e0559e5231e10136fad4b Hashes:

SHA256   b9c721b7c7feb5a8e7f0ecf030804f1715e37c8bcaa91887be3986ddb0a1bc31
MD5	8b27223883ca0b0a583f094b38fb448a
SHA-1	60608f97d1fc3283e84ddf4ed456148bc968e20f

SHA256   8738137464B21F49A9DA6CF9A22C3F4209905C6200D22C9BEF8D43BBEAB7D78C
MD5    41CA364D17F3A796DD329588066411CC
SHA-1   BEEC3A543871D4F2D262DE5C564D615E5B1FA3C8


SHA256   bdd8d78d45f6226b2b184c57bb18400111cf0b90b293cba592534f1b5c09bd5e
MD5    3d199dc8387b620fb180d748dd0fc5b9
SHA-1   8e1d982cb736884a8c192bed0a466436fcfd1f0c

Ensure you validate and check the hashes of the binary to ensure they are matching!

Assets 3

@carsenk carsenk released this Dec 12, 2018 · 416 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.3.3

Mandatory Update, All nodes, services, and wallets must update to v3.3.3

-Protocol upgrade to 31005, FortunaStakes will transition to 31005 after block 1.5m
-Our blockchain is now stable, this release is stable (v3.3.3)
-Many improvements and bug fixes to our custom Fair Payment System (FSFPS)
-GUI Improvements for FortunaStakes
-Overall wallet optimization, HUGE Performance boost.
-New Fortuna Stake Icon in QT
-New features,statistics, and improvements to Fortuna Stakes in QT and daemon
-Overall syncing improvements for syncing and once synced.
-Added more checkpoints
-Staking Icon is now fixed to show green when staking in the QT UI
-Nodes require a heartbeat as well as timespan to be an active node
-Pruned Paydata to prevent overpayments
-Fixed Reorg Loops and overall reorgs
-Fixes to the Syncing Bar in the QT UI
-Fixed several possible conditions for de-sync on nodes.
-Improved the readability of the My Fortunastake tab


Assets 2
  • v3.2.5
  • 574d0e9
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  • v3.2.5
  • 574d0e9
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@carsenk carsenk released this Dec 6, 2018 · 496 commits to master since this release

Denarius v3.2.5

-More Fortuna Stake fixes and improvements
-More blockchain stabilization
-Syncing stabilization
-Lag Optimization for wallets
-ReOrg Fixes

Assets 2
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