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2.1 Feature Release:
New features:
* Graphical statistics for showing responses over time.
* Pie charts for showing percentage choices for drop down type fields.
* Improved notification e-mail with direct links to related areas of the app.
* Interface improvements on form index page--tab with forms available for
* New review tab shows the number of complete and incomplete forms for each
* Incomplete forms are now shown on the reviewing view along with the completion
* There are now print links on the completion page and review page for forms.
* Link to download all of the files associated with a form definition as a
single zip file.
* There is a link to export all form submission data as a single CSV.
* Restyle of form building view to make it more compact.
* The accordion expansion handle for form building is now available in
a larger area.
* In the builder index, inactive forms are now greyed out.
* Each column in the builder index is now sortable.
* Input errors for the end user have an improved look and feel
* If you have an authenticated multi-use form, the user can now view each
form that they have previously filled out.
Bug Fixes:
* Sorting on the review index has been improved to include fields with the
special "None" value.
* Searching forms in the review index now properly cases and trims the search
* The preview form no longer shows the submit/save buttons.
* Copying a form definition now properly performs a deep copy of dropdown
selections and sub-forms.
* Copying a form definition now properly copies the site status and list of
* Notification for non-authenticated forms no longer sends multiple e-mail
notifications if the user refreshes the page.
* Verification of whether the requested form is a parent or child is now
working properly.