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Formunculous 2.2.5 Release Notes:
This is a release in order to correct backwards incompatibilities introduced
between version 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 of Django. Because it includes new media,
if you are using setuptools/easy_install you will need to relink your media
or at least add the csrf.js file to { MEDIA_ROOT }/formunculous/js/ in order
to correctly handle Django 1.2.5 with the CSRF middleware
Bug Fixes:
* Added csrf.js to the media and included it in all templates that make POST
AJAX calls in order to add a CSRF token HTTP header to the request.
Formunculous 2.2.4 Release Notes:
This is a minor bug fix release with two minor
additional features.
A big thank you to @lkraav ( )
for his help with getting translations working properly
and the split multi value field display code.
New Features:
* CSV Export now includes the application ID as a field
* Added template code to properly display multi-select field responses on
the thank you and review pages (Courtesy of @lkraav)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed unicode handling in CSV export
* Added URLEncode filter for attached file links in thank you and review
* Fixed several spacing issues and missing trans/ugettext strings
(Courtesy of @lkraav)
* For additional language support, I setup the apply.html base template to
try and include a language specific date picker from if a language other
than en or en-us is selected:
{{ MEDIA_URL }}formunculous/js/jquery.ui.datepicker-{{ LANGUAGE_CODE }}.js
(You must add the specific js to that folder for it to work)
(Courtesy @lkraav)
* File type fields now properly check that the file name is less than the max
length allowed in the model. There is still an edge case where the path plus
the file name is too long. I have submitted a patch upstream to Django to
fix this.
Formunculous 2.2.0 Release Notes:
New Features:
* Reviewer list is now a better widget and is searchable and sorted.
* Ordering for dropdown selections - done by ordering on non-displayed
value (note added to dropdown iframe form to that effect).
* Update CKEditor to 3.4
* Change display of boolean values to be icon based.
* Icons for each of the currently written field types for easier field selection
* Template tag for rendering pre/post text as templates
(including tags/filters, etc). Added to apply.html default template
for rendering.
* Template tag for rendering a form anywhere.
* Static media linking/copying easier with command line extension of
func_media_link for symlinking media and func_media_copy for copying the media.
* Better display of available for definitions (tr:hover added).
Bug fixes:
* Multi submit authenticated e-mail only forms weren't allowing multi-submit.
* There were several broken login type issues leftover from django 1.0.
* Storage duplicate slug across application definition issue resolved.
* If optional file field left blank, template error on null field resolved.
* Corrected language on confirmation screen of authenticated forms
that may have lead users to believe the form was submitted when
it hadn't been.
* Fixed form building checkbox labels to have proper labels and behavior
Formunculous 2.1.1 Release Notes:
Bugfix and compatibility release.
* Now fully compatible with both Django 1.1 and 1.2 (any bugfix release)
* Word fixes (replacing "Application" with "Form" - legacy problem)
* Minor HTML and CSS fixes
Formunculous 2.1.0 Release Notes/New Features
* Better interface for seeing which forms are available for review (tab)
* Better instructions in notification e-mails.
* For multiple submission authenticated forms, the user can see a list of all the previous forms they have completed
* Added a print link to the form completion and new history screen
* Better displaying of form errors to the user.
* Better search and sorting of completed forms
* If your form has incomplete forms, you can view those and how close the user is to completing the form
* You can now export all of your completed forms as a spreadsheet
* You can now download all the files that have been submitted to your form as a zip file
* Graphical statistics for form completions over time and pie charts displaying selection percentages for drop down/radio type fields
* A print link when reviewing an individual form
* Sortable form list
* Inactive forms are grayed out in the builder form index
* More compact field displays when editing forms
* Better drag and drop and expansion behavior for fields when editing forms\
* Copying a form now fully copies drop downs and any sub-forms in the original form definition.