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Ronin-Less is a simple plugin for Ronin that will dynamically compile your LessCSS files into CSS, when requested via HTTP


Installing Ronin-Less is trivial. In your RoninConfig setup, just add this:

Filters.add( new LessFilter(){ :Cache = m != DEVELOPMENT } )

This will set the filter up to cache the generated CSS unless the server is in development mode, in which case it will recompile dynamically on every request.


Once you've installed the filter, you can put LessCSS files in your `html/public' folder, and, when you request them, they will be automatically compiled to CSS.

So http://localhost:8080/public/scripts/example.less with this content:

@color: #4D926F;

h2 {
  color: @color;

will return this CSS:

h2 {
  color: #4D926F;

If you wish to view the raw version of the LessCSS, you can append '?raw' to the URL.

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