A Ruby wrapper around Facebook feed APIs. Currently, Facebook Group and Feed APIs are supported.
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Facebook Feed Ruby bindings


> gem install facebook_feed


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or above.

  • json, rest-client

Usage: Facebook Group Feed Download

> require 'facebook_feed'
> opts = { :feed_id => 123456789, :access_token => "AAACEdEose0cBAHqa7TcU11fyZBHjas26pn9DR0WxEguIzeFeintOZClb78AnhMibZBlRbZBiyVzD5b8rOgeI35cEX55m4rwk3XzBnhkCp0Qrd5cQJd0o" }
> downloader = FacebookFeed::FeedDownloader.new(opts)
> posts = downloader.download_posts if downloader.has_more_posts?
> puts JSON.pretty_generate(posts)

The posts object in the example code above is an array of hash objects like the following

  :poster => 'Name of message poster',
  :message => 'Message text',
  :type => 'Type of post',
  :created_time => 'UTC time message was created',
  :updated_time => 'UTC time message was updated',
  :like_count => 'Number of likes the post has',
  :comment_count => 'Number of comments the post has',
  :comments => ['Array of comment data']

A comment datum is itself a hash as well. It has the following structure:

  :commenter => 'Name of person who made the comment',
  :message => 'Comment text',
  :created_time => 'UTC time comment was made',
  :like_count => 'Number of likes the comment has'

How to obtain feed ID and access token

Visit the Facebook Group whose feed you want to download. Take the ID from the URL. For example, if the URL is www.facebook.com/groups/1234567/, the feed ID is 1234567.

To obtain the access token, visit the Graph API Explorer at developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer. You'll see a button that says “Get Access Token”. Click on it, and select the permissions you'll need to access your group's feed. If your group is closed, you'll need user_groups and friends_groups permissions.

Release Notes

1.0.4 (04/18/2013) - Fixed bug with InvalidFeedDownloaderError

1.0.3 (04/18/2013) - Enforced stricter initialization of FacebookFeed::FeedDownloader

1.0.2 (04/17/2013) - Fixed bug that deals with Facebook Group feed posts with no comment data

1.0.1 (07/26/2012) - Released Ruby bindings for Facebook Groups feed API