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Simple reporting plugin for binary ninja
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BinaryNinja Keyhole

Plugin for Binary Ninja platform


This plugin iterates over all recognized functions in a binary and present short report about findings. Such findings might help reverser to determine interesting functions and where to start looking.



In main view user is presented with following information about all functions:

  • number of instructions
  • number of basic blocks
  • number of function calls
  • number of times given function is being called

Main View

Function Details

In side pane user is presented with detailed list of functions given function call and with all the cross references to a given function.

Function Pane

Binary fingerprint

Ueer is presented with an image draw using hilberts curve that displays type of instructions in a given function. Such view might help reverser to spot certain characteristics like dense clusters of arthemetic or data operations.



  • Basic report
  • Report about given function
  • Basic binary fingerprint
  • More instructions recognized by binary fingerprint
  • Enchance basic report by adding additional characteristics
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