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Super Methane Brothers Amiga Game ported to other platforms
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Super Methane Brothers for Wii and GameCube

ported by carstene1ns, 2012-2014 using devkitPPC, libogc, libaesnd and libmodplay.

  • See README for original readme file
  • See COPYING for GPL licence

How to compile:

make -f Makefile.gx           # for the wii version
make -f Makefile.gx DEVICE=gc # for the gamecube version
make -f Makefile.oldgc        # for the outdated gamecube port.

Here follows the old gamecube release readme:

This is the GameCube conversion of the Super Methane Brothers game.

The port has been possible using DevkitPPC, libogc, cubeSDL, libaesnd and libmodplay.

Quick Instructions for the GameCube conversion

  • Press the A button on controller 1 to start the game in single player,
  • press the A button on controller 2 for 2 player mode.
  • Use the Stick to move around the screen.
  • Tap the A button to fire gas from the gun.
  • Hold the A button to suck a trapped baddie into the gun.
  • Release the A button to throw the trapped baddie from the gun.
  • Throw baddies at the wall to destroy them.
  • Press START button to pause the game.
  • Press Z button to switch player graphics.

See docs/info.html for further instructions on how to play the game.

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