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Cart Demo

This is a basic demo showing some of the functionality of the Cart package.

In this demo we are covering the following:

  • Adding a product to the shopping cart
  • Removing a product from the shopping cart
  • Update the item quantity
  • Apply a coupon to the shopping cart
  • Clear the shopping cart
  • Adding a product to the wishlist
  • Removing a product from the wishlist
  • Clear the wishlist
  • Usage of various conditions
  • Store the whole shopping cart on the database
  • When logging in we are syncing the shopping cart back from the database

Note: This demo is not a fully-fledged app. It's a demo, so we're not covering every possible scenario or completed every endpoint.


To install this demo, firstly you must be a subscriber of Cartalyst's Arsenal.

  1. Clone this repo by running git clone on your CLI.

  2. Setup your virtual host.

  3. Go into the directory in your terminal app and install the composer dependencies by running the composer install command on your CLI.

  4. Copy the .env.example file into .env and modify the database details

  5. Run the php artisan demo:install command on your CLI.

Demo users

Email Password password password password