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When working with object streams, do you ever wish you could just pipe to console.log?

Now you can.

var request = require('request')
var JSONStream = require('JSONStream')
var stdout = require('stdout')


stdout([outputStream, prefix])

outputStream is optional. Defaults to process.stdout, but you can provide another stream like process.stderr if you want.

prefix is an optional string argument. If provided it will prepend each message with the prefix.

e.g. stdout('foo: ')('bar') would write out foo: bar

In the browser, it will automatically use console.log

Returns a writable stream that accepts Buffers, strings, or objects.

  • When given a Buffer, it outputs it directly.
  • When given a string, it just outputs it with a newline, just like console.log.
  • When given an object, it uses util.inspect and a newline, just like console.log.