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A gallery plugin for using mephisto share photo/video albums

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Mephisto Gallery Plugin
by: Carter Parks (

This plugin allows you to incorporate photo galleries into your Mephisto blog/CMS. Its built to use engines compatible mephisto available in the current mephisto edge (see CHANGELOG for more revision details)

To install this plugin, run:

script/generate plugin_migration
rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

This will make some changes to your production database and will expose a new Gallery tab to your Mephisto administration interface. From here you can create new albums, add photos, etc. will show the gallery pages. The gallery.liquid template is rendered with your layout.liquid layout to show lists of albums and the album.liquid template is rendered to show thumbnails. I've included examples in the templates folder. These should be copied to your /themes/site-id/themename/ folder (naturally you'll want to modify these to fit your site design)

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