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MudOS is an LPmud server (driver) which was originally distributed as an
enhanced version of the LPmud 3.x driver.  It does not support COMPAT mode,
but a number of newer mudlibs are available.
This is the source (src) directory from the MudOS v21.x distribution.
Minor releases of MudOS (those with a minor version number after the decimal,
e.g. v20.26) are typically released without installation 
instructions, usage instructions, documentation, or other supporting 
material (since the size of this other material is fairly large).  Releases 
of MudOS with version numbers having only one component (e.g. v21) will 
be released as a combined source/documentation package (e.g. 
MudOS_v21.tar.Z which is the most recent such release)
The minor releases are intended for those who are already familiar with 
installing and running MudOS.  These fix bugs in older drivers and introduce
new features.

Alpha and beta versions of future versions are available only in the form
of patches.

Typically, only those interested in testing for bugs or in being on the
bleeding edge need install the alpha/beta releases.

When deciding to upgrade, be sure to read the ChangeLog file in the same
directory as this README to find out about the latest changes to MudOS.
In the case of alpha and beta releases, also check out ChangeLog.alpha
and ChangeLog.beta.
In particular, note the changes marked "compat buster" since these describe 
changes to the driver which may cause pre-existing mudlibs (such as Lil)
to break in some minor fashion (the ChangeLog should give enough information
to allow affected mudlibs to be fixed).

The official support site for MudOS is http://www.mudos.org/

If you believe that you have found a bug in MudOS that is not listed in the
Bugs file, please visit the support site and check through the existing bugs
in the bug database to see if someone else has reported your bug.  If nobody
has reported the bug, please submit a bug report.  Please try to include as
much information as you possibly can about the bug.  If you can provide
details on how to reproduce the problem, that's the best kind of information
you can give.  If the driver has crashed, read the file IT_CRASHED included
in this distribution to find out how to collect information for reporting
your crash.
The 'addr_server' file replaces the old hname program.  Unlike hname, 
addr_server must be started up manually (it takes a single argument which 
is the port # the addr_server should listen on -- this port # must also be 
specified in the runtime config file).  If addr_server doesn't work on your 
machine, its okay to run the driver without it (just set your config file 
up to point to someone else's addr_server).
If the driver errors out at runtime with a message saying that the 
operation is not supported on the socket, then try using cc instead of gcc 
(assuming you were using gcc).  Alternatively, try uncommenting 
NEED_OLD_CPP in the Makefile and then 'make clean' and 'make'.
For more information about LPmuds and MUDs in general try reading
the USENET groups rec.games.mud.{admin,announce,misc,lp,tiny,diku}.

On subdirectories:

amiga/          Contains amiga support files; a crypt package is also
                provided for systems missing DES crypt()
include/        Useful #defines for the mudlib to have access to (used by
                various efuns)
packages/       This is where efun packages and user efuns should reside