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Python code for doing k-Best or List decoding with the Viterbi algorithm
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Python code for doing k-Best or List Viterbi Decoding of a HMM

viterbi(pi, A, O, observations)

A reference implementation of the Viterbi algorithm, robbed from here:-

exhaustive(pi, A, O, observations)

Exhaustively compute all possibilities for the HMM, robbed from here:-

kViterbiParallel(pi, a, b, obs, k)

Parallel List Viterbi Decoder to retain the top k scoring paths at each state at each time t in the time series.

Adapted from the outline in this paper:-

kViterbiGraph(pi, a, b, obs, k)

Compute a k length Viterbi list by first converting the HMM into a NetworkX compatible DAG (Directed acyclic graph), converting to negative log-space then using Yen's algorithm to return the shortest paths, see this paper below.

There are also some models for testing, namely the Wikipedia exam[ple and tcohn's example above.

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