A postgreSQL utility application to help users visualize their data. Built using React and wrapped with Electron to make it a desktop application
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[Code is actively being refactored]


The difficulty involved coming up with the right query to get the information you want and putting it all in a nice graph is a thing of the past. Radar allows you to make queries in easy to understand format and then gives you a nice graph to showcase that information.

Getting Started

Click this link to download and start using Radar [link coming soon..]


In order to make sure Radar works please make sure you have Postgress.app installed and running when using our application.

Installing Postgres


  1. Download -> Move to Application Folder -> Double click
  2. Click initialize to create a new server
  3. (Optional) Configure your $PATH to use the included line tools:
sudo mkdir -p /etc/paths/d &&
echo /Applications/Postgres.app/Contents/Versions/latest/bin | sudo tee /etc/paths.d/postgresapp.


After you have Postgres you can use our app by simply double clicking on it.

Using the App

Clicking on the app and then clicking 'Get Started' brings up a list of all the users databases. Clicking on a database name takes you to a form where you're able to form your query

Making a query

Choose a table from the dropdown menu that appears. Additional choices for this query will also render. If the user makes no additional specifications for this query it will return back all the information from the table.

If the user wants to grab only specific data he has the freedom to do so. In this case let us say that the user want to select the name, age, gender, sales, and id of every single user above the age of 30 and he wants the results sorted by ascending sales.

User chooses tables 'user'
Select, Where, Order by and Aggregates Render
User selects Name, Age, ID, Sales, Gender
User sets condition "Where age is greater than 30"
User sets condition "Order by ascending sales"

Making a table

Query has been set up, now the user has 5 different visualizations to choose from, Pie, Line, Area, Bar, and Table. For Table charts only a name for the requested table is needed. For Pie charts the user must choose a pie key from the selective fields that were chosen. For all the remaining charts, an x and y axis label must be selected.

User chooses Bar Chart
Sets title as "User sales by age"
Sets x-axis as "sales"
Sets y-axis as "age"
Click make my graph

Built With

  • React - The web framework used
  • Redux - Dependency Management
  • PG - Used to generate RSS Feeds




  • PostgreSQL for inspiring us with their not easy to manage DBs
  • Inspiration
  • etc