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extTOCExtra is a gvSIG extension developed by the Cartography Laboratory (Cartolab) from A Coruña University which adds new features on TOC contextual menu. These new features are:

  • Change layer names on several layers at once.
  • Invert active layers.
  • Activate visible layers (only).
  • Show active layers (only).
  • Hide all layers.
  • Open the attribute table from the context menu of the TOC
  • Set the transparency for all the active raster

image of tocextra contextual menu

Ideas for further features



Read the extTOCExtra Quick Guide (spanish)

Source Code

The source code can be downloaded from github. https://github.com/cartolab/extTOCExtra


Using the installer (gvSIG 1.11 and upwards)

  1. Go to Tools -> Add-ons Manager -> Installation From URL. Copy and Paste (Ctrl + V) in the box this url:


  2. Then click on next.

  3. Go to then "Not Official" tab and click on the checkbox of exttocextra. Then click next, and ok in the warning dialog.

  4. Reopen gvSIG and enjoy the extension!

The old style (gvSIG 1.10 and downwards)

  • The gvspkg file is just a zip file with a strange extension. Download it, unzip it, and drop it under the gvSIG extensions folder (/bin/gvSIG/extensiones)

If you have any trouble let us know

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