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Bot to automatically refresh ads on

How it works

When you publish an ad on, it sends you an email for managing your announcement. This is an example of the email you will receive:

Gracias por anunciar en

A continuación le pasamos algunos enlaces útiles:

Para ver su anuncio:

Para administrar sus anuncios:

With this email in hand, you will need to extract the following information:

  1. Link to your announcement:
  2. Link to your management page:
  3. The email you had put to submit the announcement.

Having done this, you will have to create a text file which will be supplied to the bot. Follow the below syntax:



Finally, pass the path-to-the-file to the bot:

mono ClasiparBot.exe /home/carlos/clasipar.conf

If the program will be running on Linux, you can setup a cron job for the refreshment. For example, if you want to refresh your ad everyday, at 9 am, you can go as follows:

0 9 * * * mono ClasiparBot.exe /home/carlos/clasipar.conf > /tmp/output &