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SG models study

Repository for data and R scripts used in study on two models for analysis of serious games.

The files in this repository allow you to re-generate the file Report.html and see the data analyses yourself.

The repository also contains the files used to generate the online version of the study using LimeSurvey.

Folder organization

Here is what you will find in this repository:

clean-data/ : The variables have been cleaned so that the data from the three studies is in one single dataset. Some of the data was originally collected on paper; we transcribed (but not translated) the data and put it here.

instrument/ : LimeSurvey questionnaire applied in the online study. PDFs with explanations of the models and examples. Templates for Google Docs. PHP files needed to embed the Google Docs inside Limesurvey (as iframes), matching a token in the Limesurvey token table to a set of Google Docs templates (which have to be created manually, and the hashed IDs of the documents added to a SQL database).

R/ : The R scripts that generate the report and the analyses

raw-data/ : The original analyses (on paper and PDFs printed from the online versions)

Makefile : GNU Makefile that can be used to re-generate the report.

Report.html : The output of the R script with the analysis of the data. If you just want to look at the full report from the data, this is the file you want to open. This file is also published online here.

Build the report

To generate the report yourself, you can use the Makefile. You can run it like this (in UNIX or Cygwin, assuming you have GNU make, R and all the necessary dependencies installed):

make report

If you change the R script, you might want to clean the temporary files before running the script:

make cleanall

You can also use RStudio and Knitr to knit the script found in R/Report.Rmd, which outputs a much nicer looking HTML.


The data and text in this repository are released as public domain.

The R scripts are released under the MIT License.


Repository for data and R scripts used in study on two models for analysis of serious games




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