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A package of my private SDK for Plurk API 2.0. It requires PHP 5.2 or higher.
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It is a package of my(Cary Chow's, the author) private SDK for Plurk. It requires PHP 5.2 or higher.

From version 2.0, it supports the Plurk API 2.0. Version 1.X supports the Plurk API 1.0 only, but Plurk API 1.0 is deprecated. It means API 1.0 may not add new features to it.

Also, there are no statements about when will it be unsupported. Please use version 2.0 or above to access Plurk API 2.0.

The OAuth library is written by Andy Smith. You may try to update the file(s) if there is any update.


If only to say "Hello, it works!", or to ask for a feature or report a bug, or for basic support write to:

Also, please feel free to visit my Plurk:

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