A tiny redis embedded server fully integrated with Spring and Spring Boot, Only for testing or debugging.
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A tiny redis embedded server fully integrated with Spring and Spring Boot, Only for testing or debugging.

version required

  • Spring 3.1 +
  • JDK 1.6 +

local installation

Note: this step is optional, Can be able to fetch the dependencies directly from Central.

git clone https://github.com/caryyu/spring-embedded-redis-server
mvn install

maven dependencies


spring configuration

We can pass the configuration as the following

Note: we just only need to choose one of following three ones to pass.

component scan

the package of com.github.caryyu is must.

<context:component-scan base-package="com.github.caryyu,xxxx" />

modify spring-context.xml file

the xml filename based on your real situation.

<beans:bean class="com.github.caryyu.spring.embedded.redisserver.RedisServerConfiguration" id="redisServerConfiguration" />

spring boot annotation

public RedisServerConfiguration redisServerConfiguration(){
    return new RedisServerConfiguration();


Here's two core variables to use.

  • global.redis.port - this is the embedded port for server listening.
  • global.redis.embedded - this is the switch to check whether or not it is ON/OFF.

Actually , we have lots of ways to use this library, ofcourse i really recommend you according to Spring official Environment Variables,so i just give some usages below.

jvm environment variables

using for JavaSE

java -Dspring.redis.embedded=true

using under Tomcat

we need to modify catalina.sh or catalina.bat or add new file that can name setenv.sh etc.

set JAVA_OPTS="-Dspring.redis.embedded=true"




    port: 6379
    embedded: true


All Contributions are welcomed.