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Neo4J 1.7 On DotCloud (ALPHA)

This is an ALPHA (i.e., not production-ready) Neo4j stack for DotCloud.

based on

How It Works

It retrieve Neo4j community edition tarball, unpacks it, and adds a little bit of scaffolding (custom scripts) to run it under dotCloud. The build is not totally dotCloud-compliant (it uses all the default build options, instead of trying to setup the logs/data/etc. directories in the proper place).

Again: don't use this for production!

Proper Neo4j support will come soon.

How To Use It (Standalone)

Just use our (un)patented Clone-And-DotCloud-Push method:

dotcloud push  neo4j17-on-dotcloud

At the end of the push, the URL to the Neo4j administration interface will be shown.

How To Use It (In Your App)

Add the dotcloud.yml supplied here to your own dotcloud.yml, and copy the neo4j directory to your repository as well. Push as usual. Rejoice (but remember not to put any important stuff into your Neo4j DB yet).


Default authentication is located in ~/neo4j/conf/ the default accounts are :

write:passwordwrite readonly:passwordread

Please don't forget to change it

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