How to read matlab stack trace

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0x00007f4c2f0059f5 /home/jgillis/meco-group/cpp_splines/buildmatlab/swig/../src/ _ZNK6spline8Function9fast_evalERK9AnyTensor+00002691

Convert to hex: 01149429 -> 0x1189F5

addr2line -p -C -f -e src/ 0x1189F5
spline::Function::fast_eval(AnyTensor const&) const at /home/jgillis/meco-group/cpp_splines/src/Function/Function.cpp:307 (discriminator 4)

The crashing instance and library must be the same (also both Debug mode or RelWithDebInfo mode!)

import sys
import subprocess
import os
import glob

if len(sys.argv)==1:
  crash_dumps = glob.glob(os.path.expanduser('~/matlab_crash_dump.*'))
  filename = max(crash_dumps, key=os.path.getctime)
  filename = sys.argv[1]

print("Translation of %s" % filename)

context = 5

with open(filename,'r') as f:
  for line in f:
    if line.startswith('['):
      parts = line.rstrip().split()
      if parts[0]=="[" and parts[1].endswith("]"):
        [lib_name, lib_pos] = parts[3].split("+")

        lib_pos_hex = "0x%X" % int(lib_pos)
        source_line = None
        source_file = None
        new_parts = parts[:2]
        if os.path.exists(lib_name):
          out = subprocess.check_output(["addr2line","-p","-C","-f","-e",lib_name,lib_pos_hex])
            source_line = int(out.split(":")[-1])
          if " at " in out:
            source_file = out[out.rindex(" at ")+4:-len(str(source_line))-2]
          new_parts+= parts[3:]

        print(" ".join(new_parts))

        if os.path.exists(source_file):
          with open(source_file,'r') as sf:
            for i,line in enumerate(sf):
              if i<source_line-context: continue
              if i>source_line+context: break

              print_line = str(i)
              print_line+= "*" if source_line==i else " "
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