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For official releases, CasADi uses a z.y.x versioning scheme.

When a z.y.0 is released, the external API is frozen. Subsequent z.y.x releases with x>0 can only add new features or bugfixes, but cannot change or deprecate functionality defined in z.y.0 . Hence backwards compatibility is guaranteed form the perspective of the python/octave user, but binary compatibility is not guaranteed.

Obtain the version number: CasadiMeta.getVersion() or casadi.__version__ in python.

These functions are always available.

An indication z.y.x+ is used for versions inbetween official releases. It denotes that the version is more recent than z.y.x, and might in fact also be more recent that z.y.w with w>x. In the develop and tested branch, the version number is perpetually of the z.y.x+ kind.

One can get additional finer-grained information with:

  • CasadiMeta.getGitRevision() e.g.
  • CasadiMeta.getGitDescribe() e.g. 1.6.0+-551-g637c5dc indicates that this build is ahead of 1.6.0 by 551 commits, and that the git revision is '637c5dc'.

These functions might be unavailable if you built CasADi from sources obtained without git.

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