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Changes from version 1.1.0beta to 1.2.0beta

  • Major changes to the interface. In particular, the OCPVariables class has been deleted and its contents moved to the OCP class.

  • Removed algebraic states from the DAE residual function signature (DAE_Z) and the integrator signature (INTEGRATOR_Z0 and INTEGRATOR_ZF). Instead, algebraic states will be handled together with other differential states and the user can mark which states only appear algebraically using the "is_differential" option.

  • Removed signature for the ODE right hand side. Instead there is now one common signature for both DAE:s and ODE:s.

  • The signature for the integrators have changed, INTEGRATOR_T0 and INTEGRATOR_TF are no longer inputs but options. As mentioned above, INTEGRATOR_Z0 and INTEGRATOR_ZF have also been removed.