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Changes from version 1.2.0beta to 1.3.0beta

  • In the Matrix<> class, the behavior of operator() and operator[] have changed for integer arguments. If A is a matrix A[k] and A(i,j) return 1-by-1 matrices rather than the underlying datatype.
  • The signature of the Simulator class has changed and is now identical to that of the Integrator class by default. Instead of SIMULATOR_X0 etc the user can use INTEGRATOR_X0, etc.
  • Moved eval(...) member functions from SXFunction to XFunction, meaning that they are now available for both SXFunction and MXFunction
  • Created a function expand() in MXFunction which expands a matrix valued graph into a scalar valued graph, i.e. transforms and MXFunction to an SXFunction
  • SXFunction is now more strict on requiring the init() function to be called explicitly. Whenever e.g. Jacobians are requested from a function, it must have been initialized.
  • An automated test robot now checks that the trunk compiles after every commit. If the trunk gets broken, an email will be sent to the person causing and to the developers' mailing list.
  • New interfaces: OOQP, qpOASES
  • A simple graph coloring algorithm for minimizing the number of forward or adjoint sweeps when calculating the Jacobian symbolically or numerically.
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