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Changes from version 1.4.0beta to version 1.5.0beta

  • MXFunction now accepts mappings of MX (notably vertcat) as input arguments #383
  • Helper functions for input/output schemes have a keyword-value syntax now. e.g. in Python daeIn(t=t,x=y) will return a list adhering to the DAEInput scheme. In C++/Octave, use daeIn("t",t, "x",y). These helper functions are autogenerated. Support for the dictionary-style {'NUM' : DAE_NUM_IN, DAE_X: states } is removed (#472).
  • Major overhaul of the support for ODE/DAE integrators. These changes makes it possible to embed integrators into symbolic expressions much more efficiently. ODE/DAE sensitivities to an arbitrary degree is now supported, for example forward-over-adjoint second order sensitivities.
  • The Sundials integrator suite (CVodes/IDAS) is now included in CasADi source and does not need to be installed separately.
  • qpOASES, an LPGL licensed active-set QP solver suitable for MPC, is now included in CasADi source
  • Support for the SuperLU sparse direct linear solver has been discontinued since the code did not meet CasADi quality standards. We recommend to use CSparse (which is included in CasADi source) instead.
  • Major changes have been made to the build system. If you have used IPOPT environmental variable in the past to point CasADi to your custom ipopt build, the new system will not work for you. Check the installation instructions.
  • All CasADi classes and functions now live in a single CasADi namespace in C++. The CasADi::OptimalControl, CasADi::Interfaces and CasADi::Sundials namespaces have been removed.
  • SXFunction([[x,y,z]],[x*y*z]) is no longer allowed. [x,y,z] will not any longer be interpreted as vertcat([x,y,z]), you will have to specify it manually: SXFunction([vertcat([x,y,z])],[x*y*z]) (#473)
  • The IPOPT interface now support the calculation of parametric sensitivities and reduced Hessians through IPOPT's sIPOPT extension.
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