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Install CasADi 3.3.0

Grab a binary from the table (for MATLAB, use the newest compatible version below):

Windows 64 bit Linux (14.04+) Mac
Matlab R2014b or later R2014b or later R2015a or later
R2014a R2014a R2014b
R2013a or R2013b R2014a
Octave 4.2.1 32bit or 64bit 4.2.1 4.2.1
Python Py27 (py 32bit or py 64bit ) Py27 Py27
Py35 (py 32bit or py 64bit ) Py35 Py35
Py36 (py 32bit or py 64bit ) Py36 Py36

or see download page for more options/versions ...

Unzip in your home directory and adapt the path:

Matlab/Octave Python
import casadi.*
x = MX.sym('x')
from sys import path
from casadi import *
x = MX.sym("x")

New: install with pip install casadi (you must have pip --version >= 8.1!)

Get started with the example pack.

Getting error "CasADi is not running from its package context." in Python? Check that you have casadi-py27-v3.3.0/casadi/ If you have casadi-py27-v3.3.0/ instead, that's not good; add an extra casadi folder.

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