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The short way to do the unittests is: Go to test/ and issue a make, this will run the python unittests. If you wish to check any available tests, do a make full.

If your platform does not have make, just issue python alltests.py in tests/python

If you want to run a more extensive suite of tests, use python alltests.py --run_slow. Beware: this can be very slow.

You can also check:


CasADi trunktester bot is a service that checks every 10 minutes for an update of CasADi's trunk. When a new version is found, CasADi is recompiled with make all python octave after removing build/swig/ca*. After that, the equivalent of make trunktesterbot in test/ is run. If any compilation or test fails, the author of the relevant commit(s) is notified by mail.

You can add tests to the system by extending Makefile in test/. Note that the trunktester bot runs with default CasADi flags, except for the build_mode which is DEBUG. The trunktesterbot is maintained by jgillis.

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