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Juan Sebastian Casallas


These are the AppleScripts I use on my daily-base use of Ugo Landini's Pomodoro. The scripts are intended to work on version 0.31.

What the scripts do:

On Start

  • Play a random song from your "Classical Music" playlist on iTunes
  • Change Skype status to "Do not Disturb"
  • Change Skype mood to: "Pomodoroing", available in < 25'

On Interrupt

  • Pause iTunes (which should be playing Classical Music)

On Resume

  • Play iTunes (play that Classical Music again)

On Interrupt over, On Reset and On End

  • Play a random song from your iTunes library
  • Set Skype status to "Online"
  • Set a blank Skype mood

On Break End

  • Pause iTunes (which should be playing a random song in your library)

How to use

Click on the pomodoro icon, then click on preferences. On the Script tab you should at least be able to drag the code of each one of the files directly into each of the subsections (the file chooser won't work for some reason and neither will pasting). Make sure you activate the scripts by checking each of the boxes on the left-side of the pane.

If you want to change the iTunes playlists you want to use, just change the tell application "iTunes" portion of Start.scpt, Interrupt _ over.scpt, Reset.scpt and End.scpt to play another playlist. I just chose "Music" and "Classical Music" since they should be available on every iTunes (haven't checked other languages though).

Other usage

Although I use them on Pomodoro, these scripts could be used in other contexts where AppleScript is available, there are no Pomodoro-specifics on them. If you find them useful in anything else than Pomodoro I encourage you to use them or modify them in any way you want to fit your purposes.


This will certainly open iTunes on each of the pomodoro events described above and Skype on all except Interrupt, Resume and Break End.

Your previous Skype status isn't taken in account, which may be problematic if you were "Invisible" before starting a Pomodoro.


I am by no means associated with Ugo Landini or Pomodoro. As explained on "Other Usage", they could actually be used in applications different from Pomodoro.

I find software licenses obnoxious, but I understand I have to choose one, so these scripts and this README (the "Software") are released under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt.