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requirements.txt showcase project

This project is written to demonstrate author's skills in modern technologies (Django MVC Python web framework, mobile-first adaptive design methodology, understanding of relational and nosql database concepts, comfortability of working with modern javascript libraries like jQuery...)

It is also made to show off how I'm more cool than you, hence what I read is way more cool than your recently-read library. :-)


Currently, there is only one project under this repository. It is a Quotes database, instance of which is running on this site.


Quotes is an application for holding (and showing off) quotes from various authors and their books. It can also be used as a small personal database of books and authors (for any non-personal use, I guess lot of features would have to be added).

It is basically a showcase of moderately complex Django ORM usage (small database with couple of many-to-many relations and a few foreign keys).

It contains usable search engine (thanks to Haystack and Whoosh).

To see some of it's features go to:

Trying it on your own

Sure, you can. Just follow the wiki instructions.

Moving to production environment

There are a lot of resources but also approaches on migrating Django site to production. I am not going to suggest you the right way (this site should work in mostly all scenarios), but here is the general idea.

Other opensource projects used in this project

This project depends on a lot of other opensource projects. Starting from the system level up:

  • It's running on Debian and it's developed on Fedora linux distributions.

  • Obviously, it's written in Python.

  • Git and git-flow are used in it's development process.

  • Code is being edited with vim.

  • Framework for the site development is Django.

  • Search engine is powered by Whoosh for indexing and keeping the data and Haystack for the search engine itself.

  • For caching purposes, there is memcached. Tools for integrating it into this app are Python memcached mdule and Django memcache status 3rd party Django component.

  • Database schema migrations are always the bitch. Using South to ease up on those for myself.

  • And the web interface frontend relies on Bootstrap and jQuery.

Where is the example site hosted?

All of my recommendations (if you're looking for Linux virtual servers hosting) go to Linode.

Plans for the future

Well, currently I can set the roadmap to couple of features for Quotes application, you'll see them as they come.


Check the changelog here.