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casbin-adapter is a LuaSQL based adapter for Casbin that supports policies from SQL-based databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3).


First, install the corresponding driver of LuaSQL from LuaRocks based on the database you use:

  • For MySQL, install luasql-mysql.
  • For PostgreSQL, install luasql-postgres.
  • For SQLite3, install luasql-sqlite3.

Then install the casbin-adapter from LuaRocks by

sudo luarocks install


To create a new Casbin Enforcer using a MySQL adapter, use:

local Enforcer = require("casbin")
local Adapter = require("casbin.mysql")

local a = Adapter:new(database, user, password, hostname, port) -- hostname, port are optional
local e = Enforcer:new("/path/to/model.conf", a) -- creates a new Casbin enforcer with the model.conf file and the database

For other adapters, replace local Adapter = require("casbin.mysql") with:

  • local Adapter = require("casbin.postgres") for PostgreSQL adapter.
  • local Adapter = require("casbin.sqlite3") for SQLite3 adapter. In SQLite3 adapter, only database field is required and others are optional.

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This project is under Apache 2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.