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Casbin-OA is An official manuscript processing, evaluation and display system for Casbin technical writers

Online demo

Deployed site:


Casbin-oa contains 2 parts:

Name Description Language Source code
Frontend Web frontend UI for Casbin-oa Javascript + React
Backend RESTful API backend for Casbin-oa Golang + Beego + MySQL


Casbin-OA uses Casdoor to manage members. So you need to create an organization and an application for Casnode in a Casdoor instance.

Necessary configuration

  • Get the code:
    go get
    go get


    git clone
    git clone
  • Setup database:

    Casbin-oa will store its student, report and topics informations in a MySQL database named: casbin_oa, will create it if not existed. The DB connection string can be specified at:

    dataSourceName = root:123@tcp(localhost:3306)/

    Casbin-oa uses XORM to connect to DB, so all DBs supported by XORM can also be used.

  • Run backend (in port 10000):

    go run main.go
  • Run frontend (in the same machine's port 9000):

    cd web
    ## npm
    npm install
    npm run start
    ## yarn
    yarn install
    yarn run start
  • Open browser:


Optional configuration

Setup your forum to enable some third-party login platform

Casbin-OA uses Casdoor to manage members. If you want to log in with oauth, you should see casdoor oauth configuration.

OSS, Mail, and SMS services

Casbin-OA uses Casdoor to upload files to cloud storage, send Emails and send SMSs. See Casdoor for more details.

Github corner

We added a Github icon in the upper right corner, linking to your Github repository address. You could set ShowGithubCorner to hidden it.


export const ShowGithubCorner = true

export const GithubRepo = "" //your github repository