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Hacking Mentor.js

Speakers: Ryan Dy and Marlena Compton


Even with plenty of tutorials, videos and weekend sessions available to help increase diversity in tech and Javascript, hacks are still needed for newcomers including those from underrepresented groups, to make it through the Javascript jungle of writhing-into-existence web frameworks, tar pits of package dependencies, and the R.O.I.S’s (Rodents of Imposter Syndrome).

One often-misunderstood yet highly effective hack is a mentoring partnership such as the one Javascript mentor, Ryan Dy and Javascript mentee, Marlena Compton have cultivated.

In this talk, Ryan and Marlena will share with the audience:

  • Why even a little mentoring goes a long way, especially for learning web development with Javascript and TDD
  • How a mentor might notice the signs that someone is reaching out
  • How a mentee can approach someone for mentoring without scaring them away
  • How a mentoring partnership benefits both the mentor and the mentee

Ryan’s Bio

Ryan Dy, formerly of Pivotal Labs, works for Pacer Pro as a web developer and lives in San Francisco. He is a Backbone.js enthusiast, TDD practitioner and recovering game programmer.

Marlena's Bio

Marlena Compton finds bugs and writes about it on her blog. She is a software tester in San Francisco at sustainability startup, GoodGuide, and is stoked that learning Javascript and front-end web development helps her be a better tester.