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#My week without Firebug


Wherein I quit Firebug cold turkey and use Firefox's in-browser tools (such as the Scratchpad, Debugger and Style Editor) instead.

  • Do I have to supplement Firefox's native tools with more add-ons or Chrome's Developer tools?
  • Is my front-end troubleshooting and in-browser prototyping faster and easier?
  • What did I learn about my code and my tools?

In order to be an effective developer, it's important to examine where one's current tools are lagging or failing, and test what can be learned through the process of changing a workflow.

##Speaker Bio


Katie is a web developer and Pacific Northwest native. She's been coding for the web long enough to remember when you could only debug through alerts, and the miracle of the first browsers to color code the syntax in View Source. When not in front of a computer, she can often be found making cool things with glass in the workshop or smashing pots in search of rupees.

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