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Sometimes a software developer finds herself surrounded by people who throw crazy parties. What skills does she have that can be used to maximize fun and profit? Writing code, of course!

In this talk, I will teach you how to whip up web services to gather data from partygoers, provide your friends with their own controllers, and render data into beautiful live visuals with Processing. It will demonstrate how to use node.js and to connect people through pretty things, create a sense of community in a small space, and make your friends go "whoaa, dude!"

We will also briefly explore some of the hilarious hardships spoiled software developers face when having to code for the physical world (spoiler alert: duct tape everywhere!).

Speaker Bio

Floh Herra-Vega is a Costa Rican full-stack developer based out of Montreal. She works mostly in Ruby and JavaScript, but she's open to trying new things. When she’s not writing code for a living, she coordinates RailsBridge Montreal, and helps organize Montreal Girl Hackers. When she should be sleeping, she writes more code in Processing and Arduino.