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Hash Functions Taste Great with Anything


Hash functions are one of the unsung heroes of software development, and they're behind dozens of useful techniques that are crucial to modern web development. We're going to talk about hash functions, and how they can be used to make your life easier.

  • The Absolute Basics: What is a hash function i don't even.
  • Hash Tables: how hashes power your dictionaries and your caches.
  • Hashes in Security: how hashes can keep you safe.
  • Salting & Hashing Passwords: how hashes can hide your passwords.
  • Rainbow Tables: how hashes can reveal your passwords.
  • What Makes a Hash Cryptographic?: how the wrong hashes can ruin everything.
  • Be Careful With Javascript Crypto: how the "http" in your script tag can screw you.
  • Bloom Filters: how hashes can keep you from having to do hard work.
  • Consistent Hashing: how hashes can ease your sharding woes.
  • Choosing a Hash: npm install dis thing.
  • Perfect Hashing: how to cheat at hashes.

.. and more! It's a big topic.

Speaker Bio


Curtis Lassam is a insignificant software developer who works at some university in B.C.. He runs a web comic and an animated video series, both about software, because he has the crazy in his pants.