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#Node.js for fun, profit and Whiskey


In this session we'll see Node.js at use in industrial automation as we examine the world's first and only continuous alcohol still powered by Node.js. We'll see how Node.js, node330 ( and a Linux microprocessor provide a backbone to connect high voltage power controllers, digital temperature probes, barometric pressure sensors, HMI/SCADA, and much more to automate alcohol production in a one-of-a-kind still.

If logistics permit, we might even provide a small sample tasting of alcohol produced on the still, courtesy of the Whidbey Island Distillery (!

##Speaker Bio

According to legend (aka Mom and Dad) Jim Heising began his software development career on an Apple ][+ before he could read, when he crafted the wildly successful program:

10 PRINT "Jim is cool"
20 GOTO 10

While arguably his career has gone downhill ever since, Jim has had a hell of a lot of fun as a designer, engineer and entreprenuer. As a designer and software engineer, Jim has designed and built a number of successful products ranging from VOIP servers, to industrial automation systems, to top-selling mobile apps— he even wrote Pearl Jam's first official iPhone app. As an entreprenuer Jim co-founded Click Commerce, Inc. and saw it to an IPO in 2000, and sold Giant Company Software to Microsoft in 2004. More recently Jim founded Red Foundry, Inc. and is currently building the Internet Of Things (IOT) with and