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#Practical Optimization for v8

(is it okay to write Javascript yet?)


Writing Javascript is fun, but writing performant code that makes efficient use of v8’s JIT compiler is a dark and arcane art. In the absence of clear answers, misinformation and superstition abound. Can we trust microbenchmarks? Should we try to write Javascript like C++? Can sacrificing a chicken on the first full moon of Spring really reduce garbage collection cycles? My talk will absolutely not settle all of these debates!

However, I will provide a few practical strategies everyone can implement to help make their code more efficient. Specifically I plan to discuss:

  • Closures vs. the prototype chain
  • The benefits of inlining functions and when v8 is doing it for you
  • Why functional programming is bad
  • Why functional programming is great
  • Why optimization isn’t worth worrying about except when it is

##Speaker Bio

I'm an independent Javascript consultant living in Portland, OR. I teach math at Portland Community College. I definitely don't do web development for Somali pirates.

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