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#Put A Database On It!


Everything is better with a database.

The NodeBases movement that began with LevelDB is not about building an alternative to MySQL or MongoDB, but expanding the paradigm of what we can do with databases.

A database doesn't have to be a big black box on a server. While you may want a large data warehouse sometimes, you may also want a tiny purpose-built storage engine for a sensor in your garden.

You can also blur the lines between the two and have a database that spans both space and time, living partly on the server, the client, and internet-connected devices -- all at the same time.

I'll demonstrate an example of such a database live, including a device that will be passed around the crowd to collect data.

##Speaker Bio

Bryce maintains timestreamdb, a nodebases time-series database, the node_redis module, and generally enjoys nerding out about data.

Bryce is CTO of, where we want to make it easy for you to understand and optimize how your Node.js application works.