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#Rapping Browsers and the Future of Media APIs


How can I get my browser to rap? It's the age-old question, the Traveling Salesman of web development, the ECMAScript standard we have yet to realize we need. But we're closer than you think - modern browsers are pushing the web forward and soon, they will be doing so via rap.

This talk will explore the rapping browser problem by explaining and demonstrating capabilities of the speech synthesis and timed track APIs. (This could also easily expand into covering speech recognition, web audio, and MIDI APIs as well).

Projects like and libraries like annyang are pointing towards a more speech and media-centric web and are evidence that we can already build speech-driven applications today. Rapping browsers is a slightly more advanced manifestation of this and will serve as the guiding theme to discuss the current state of audio and speech in today's browser landscape and where it is heading.

##Speaker Bio

David Chang is a front end developer at HasOffers based in Seattle, WA, where he enjoys writing a lot of JavaScript and working in Angular. Some of his open source contributions include Angular Facebook Utils and ngReact. CascadiaJS 2013 was his first programming conference and he was only able to attend because he won a raffle from Rackspace earlier that week.