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Started from the Bottom: A Story About NodeSchool and Community Building


When I somewhat inexplicably decided to start a NodeSchool event in Baltimore, I had no especially relevant experience at all and no reason to believe it wouldn't end in a total disaster. So far, that thankfully hasn't stopped swarms of volunteers and learners of all skill levels from showing up and having a great time learning Node together.

As it turns out, defining this kind of "community" is hard and building a good one is even harder! While I'm certainly no expert, I've learned a lot along the way and I'm dying to share with you a little about what NodeSchool is, what's unique about it, and why I think getting involved in building this kind of community should be more important to us than commas, semicolons or tabs. Note: the title is a trick question.

Speaker Bio

Jason Rhodes bio photo

Jason is the lead developer at Johns Hopkins University, the organizer of baltimore nodeschool, an open-source contributor, and a frequent screencast instructor for His latest course is called "Node for the Front-End Developer".