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Writing Robot Plays: NodeJS, Reddit, and The Aesthetics of Unwitting Participation


If Reddit truly is the front page of the Internet, then it may also be the biggest stage upon which we can mount a spontaneous immersive performance. During this talk we'll examine the aesthetic possibilities available to us as developers as we drink from and respond to the firehose of content that Reddit generates everyday. As an example we'll demo bot_skit, an attempt at automating an interactive experience on Reddit using Node, and a framework for others to create such experiences.

Speaker Bio

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In another life Joe Lepper was an English teacher. But these days he's a software engineer happily working on the browser monitoring team at New Relic, helping to build tools to make it easier to gain visibility into how front-end applications function. He is passionate about JavaScript, object-oriented CSS, and front-end operations. Lately when he plays dressup he usually ends up as the horsey even though he asks to be the princess.