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CascadiaJS 2019

Welcome to the source code behind CascadiaJS 2019!

This site is powered by Begin, an app platform and framework for building serverless applications on AWS.

Running this site locally

  • Initialize the repo: npm i
  • Start a local dev server: npm start
  • To lint your code: npm run lint
  • To run your tests: npm t

(Re)Generating social sharing images

  • Install puppeteer globally: npm i puppeteer -g
  • Run: npm run social-images

Project structure

  • src/http/get-index/
    • Handles requests to the root view (e.g. /) and pages view (e.g. /why-cascadiajs)
  • src/http/get-speakers-000speaker/
    • Handles requests to the speaker view (e.g. /speakers/aaron-turner)
  • src/views/
    • Contains logic and components for all views
  • src/shared/
    • Contains app utils and dummy speaker data
  • public/
    • Contains basic static assets for the app (images, styles, etc.)
    • Files within this folder are also deployed to the Begin CDN
  • build/
    • Contains build script that pulls event information from a private endpoint, enabling scheduled speaker reveals
    • The event data endpoint runs in a separate Begin app and repo that contains a single API endpoint (and static assets hosted on the Begin CDN)

Begin reference

  • Quickstart - basics on working locally, project structure, deploying, and accessing your Begin app
  • Creating new routes - basics on expanding the capabilities of your app

Head to to learn more!