Memecached/Membase/ElasticSearch integration for Cascading
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This project provides a Cascading Tap and Scheme for integrating with a Memcached cluster.

It provides support for writing data to a memcached protocol compatible cluster when bound to a Cascading data processing flow, and works with both Cascading local and Apache Hadoop planners.

See the tests for usage.

This jar relies on the SpyMemcached memcached library. And uses the jmemcache-daemon for testing.


To build a jar,

> gradle jar

To install the jar into the local Maven repo

> gradle install

To test (requires a localhost memcached cluster),

> gradle test

Using with Hadoop

The cascading-memcached.jar file should be added to the "lib" directory of your Hadoop application jar file along with all Cascading dependencies.