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OpenMAMA Native Message (OMNM)

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Pronounced ominum (because it's fun to say), this is the OpenMAMA Native Messaging bridge.

This project provides a dependency-free payload implementation for OpenMAMA so that it can be used with middlewares which don't have their own payload format (e.g. ZeroMQ, Nanomsg etc).

The payload implementation is high performance and self describing so it is quite flexible. It also supports every interface which is supported by OpenMAMA, and passes every OpenMAMA unit test currently available.


The payload is considered feature complete and includes:

  • Serialization / Deserialization functions
  • Apply methods
  • Iterators (both callback based and iterator based)
  • Scalar data type accessor and modification methods for both field and message
  • Sub messages
  • All vector types
  • Binary and opaque data types
  • String serialization functionality
  • It may be extended to form a suitable base for other payload implementations

Extending this Bridge

It is possible to use this payload as a base bridge simply by implementing:

  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_init
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_getType
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_create
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_destroy
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_copy
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_serialize
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_unSerialize
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_getByteBuffer
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_getByteSize
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_setByteBuffer
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_createFromByteBuffer
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_addVectorMsg
  • <yourpayload>msgPayload_updateVectorMsg

And passing through the API call to omnmsg for all other methods. As a working example, see our msgpack payload.

Build Instructions

Supported Platforms

We support all of the platforms currently supported by OpenMAMA. The complete list can be found here.


The bridge depends on:

  • OpenMAMA 6.3.1
  • CMake 3.11+


The software can be build in the standard cmake way

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DMAMA_ROOT=/path/to/openmama
make install

Which will install the bridge to the OpenMAMA root directory. If building on windows, instead of make, run cmake --build . --target install.

Usage Instructions

Add the directory containing this library to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and set the following property in your configuration file:


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