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OpenMAMA Native Message Payload Bridge
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OpenMAMA Native Message (OMNM)

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Pronounced ominum (because it's fun to say), this is the OpenMAMA Native Messaging bridge. This project really only exists to provide a reasonably efficient middleware which can be used for testing ZeroMQ. If you look at the code you'll see I have tried my best to focus on methods which reduce the number of lines of code which are required to maintain.

In future if people are using this, I may expand the functionality out some more, but in the meantime, it focuses entirely on scalar data types.

NB: This project is MIT Licensed and in no way affiliated with nor supported by the OpenMAMA project or SR Labs - if you find any issues, please report to this project via github.


The payload functionality is currently limited to:

  • Serialization / Deserialization functions
  • Apply methods
  • Iterators (both callback based and iterator based)
  • Scalar data type accessor and modification methods for both field and message

There are several known limitations which exist. Some by design, some I'll maybe correct later:

  • Not network byte ordered so you can't cross CPU architectures from pub to sub
  • Doesn't support any vector data types
  • Doesn't support sub messages
  • Doesn't support toString functionality
  • Doesn't support binary / opaque data types

If you really want to overcome these limitations, let me know or feel free to contribute an implementation yourself.

Build Instructions

NB: This is very much in development and I will always be developing on the latest version of Fedora. If I have broken an OS that you use, please let me know.

Supported Platforms

  • RHEL / CentOS 5
  • RHEL / CentOS 6
  • Windows (coming soon)


The bridge depends on:

  • MAMA / OpenMAMA
  • Scons

As of the latest version of OpenMAMA, there is no longer a requirement to build this library off my own special fork of OpenMAMA. Instead thanks to dynamic bridge loading support, you can now build this off:

  • The next branch of OpenMAMA
  • The OpenMAMA-2.4.0 branch of OpenMAMA

The master branch will also contain the correct changes once the next OpenMAMA GA release is issued which is expected within the next couple of weeks.


If you have all the prerequisites, the build process should be pretty straightforward:

scons --with-mamasource=PATH --with-mamainstall=PATH --with-gtest=PATH

Usage Instructions

After building, you will have a library created. Add the directory containing this library to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and set the following property in your configuration file:


Related Projects


If you're interested in the thought process behind this or the ramblings of the author, you can shoot on over to my blog page.

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