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An Identity and Access Management (IAM) / Single-Sign-On (SSO) platform with beautiful web UI and the official client SDKs


  1. casdoor-go-sdk casdoor-go-sdk Public

    Go client SDK for Casdoor

    Go 72 54

  2. casdoor-java-sdk casdoor-java-sdk Public

    Java client SDK for Casdoor

    Java 16 34

  3. casdoor-js-sdk casdoor-js-sdk Public

    Javascript client SDK for Casdoor

    TypeScript 20 21

  4. casdoor-python-sdk casdoor-python-sdk Public

    Python client SDK for Casdoor

    Python 28 26

  5. casdoor-app casdoor-app Public

    Casdoor Authenticator App for iOS/Android

    JavaScript 2 2


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