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@brandoncc brandoncc The migration should only create or drop the extensions if necessary. e20bfe5
@sytzeloor sytzeloor Altered page to include note about difference between Rails 3 and 4 regarding the schema format. e5ea012
@dnjstrom dnjstrom tsvector_update_trigger returns a trigger which must be used directly in a create trigger sql statement. Since hair_trigger wraps the trigger code in it's own function this doesn't work. A custom tsv update trigger can be used however, the simplest of which I believe is the one now listed here. For more information: . Also clarify what exactly you're adding the index to. 3e12195
@LukasSkywalker LukasSkywalker Change 'you need enough columns for the index to be used' to 'rows' f689a2b
@morgoth morgoth Updated Building indexes (markdown) 043eb65
@morgoth morgoth Updated Building indexes (markdown) 9af003b
@apraditya apraditya Added `new.tsv := ` in the manual trigger 1d1ef1e
@nertzy nertzy Updated Building indexes (markdown) 11de595
@nertzy nertzy Improve the wiki page to make it more inviting 50b0dc7
@stevenharman stevenharman Fix formatting. d396271
@stevenharman stevenharman Add instructions for Rails a3e7e98
@nertzy nertzy Updated Building indexes (markdown) 32df7c8
@nertzy nertzy Updated Home (markdown) faf7333
@nertzy nertzy Write a rough stub article. It needs work! 7f60577
@Peeja Peeja Point to the (currently) only wiki page and the Readme. aafaf84
@Peeja Peeja Copy-pasting @nertzy's answer: 9be8f74
Casecommons Initial Commit 31877fa
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