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Code for the line follower robot that CASE will be using in the Swedish Robotic Championship 2019
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CASE line follower robot 2019

Project repository for CASE hardware and software developement for attending the Swedish Robotic Championship 2019. The robot got 2nd place in the Swedish Robotic Championship 2019. Diploma


-   Oskar Johansson
-   Isak Åslund 
-   Stefan Larsson


-   Software - All code for running the robot
-   Hardware - PCB and hardware design


Picture album

V0.1 Initial Concept

V0.2 Working prototype

V1.0 Competition design

PCB Two PCBs was designed, one for arduino and one for STM32. Due to battery being applied to the VB pin on the STM32 it burned up. This caused us to use an arduino nano with breadboard instead. Since then a updated PCB has been made. CASE STm32 PCB

Pinout Help

Info for development

IDE - Visual Studio Code + PlattformIO If you want to simplify development change the formatter for cpp to the following: "{ BasedOnStyle: Google, IndentWidth: 4, ColumnLimit: 0}", more info here

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