A suite of scalable Modelica test models
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A suite of scalable Modelica test models for tool development and evaluation

Library description

This library contains a collection of Modelica models whose size can be scaled by means of integer parameter(s). This is useful to test the ability of Modelica tools to compile and simulate models of increasing size efficiently. More information can be found in the related publication:

  • Casella, Francesco (2015). "Simulation of Large-Scale Models in Modelica: State of the Art and Future Perspectives", Proceedings of the 11th International Modelica Conference, doi:10.3384/ecp15118459

Current release


Development and contribution

The library was developed by Politecnico di Milano and ESI Contributors:

  • Kaan Sezginer
  • Francesco Casella
  • Thomas Beutlich

You may report any issues with using the Issues button.

Contributions as Pull Requests are always welcome.


Licensed under BSD 3-Clause License.