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// optional specific IP for server to use
// serverip N.N.N.N
// optional specific port for server to use
// serverport 28785
// maximum number of allowed clients
maxclients 8
// maximum number of bots a master can add - admins are unaffected by this limit
// set to 0 to disallow bots
serverbotlimit 8
// controls whether or not the server is intended for "public" use
// when set to 0, allows "setmaster 1" and locked/private mastermodes (for coop-editing and such)
// when set to 1, can only gain master by "auth" or admin, and doesn't allow locked/private mastermodes
// when set to 2, allows "setmaster 1" but disallows private mastermode (for public coop-editing)
publicserver 0
// description server shows for the server browser
serverdesc ""
// password required to connect to the server
// generally unnecessary unless you really don't want anyone connecting to your server
serverpass ""
// password that allows you to gain admin by "setmaster password_here"
adminpass ""
// controls whether or not the server reports to the masterserver
updatemaster 1
// optional message of the day to send to players on connect
// servermotd "..."
// controls whether admin privs are necessary to record a demo
// when 1 requires admin (default)
// when 0 only requires master
// restrictdemos 1
// maximum number of demos the server will store
// maxdemos 5
// maximum size a demo is allowed to grow to in megabytes
// maxdemosize 16
// controls whether admin privs are necessary to pause a game
// when 1 requires admin (default)
// when 0 only requires master
// restrictpausegame 1
// whether or not to allow players to vote on maps not in the rotation
// lockmaprotation 0
ffamaps = [
complex douze ot academy metl2 metl3 justice turbine mbt2 fanatic_quake dock renegade curvy_castle oddworld nmp8 tartech aard3c
hashi outpost park tumwalk industry injustice mbt10 refuge curvedm kalking1 hog2 kffa fragplaza collusion duel8 alithia island
frozen memento neondevastation alloy ruine DM_BS1 shinmei1 osiris sdm1 powerplant oasis metl4 ruby shindou dune gubo teahupoo
masdm orbe torment legazzo fury mbt9 shadowed aqueducts killfactory akaritori konkuri-to moonlite castle_trap orion katrez_d ogrosupply guacamole
arbana simplicity pitch_black duel7 suburb roughinery stemple tejen pgdm deathtek hades corruption paradigm lostinspace wdcd neonpanic phosgene
wake5 frostbyte thor ksauer1 kmap5 thetowers darkdeath
capturemaps = [
urban_c nevil_c fb_capture collusion c_valley lostinspace fc3 face-capture nmp4 nmp8 hallo tempest monastery alithia hades fc4 relic
fc5 paradigm corruption asteroids ogrosupply reissen akroseum turbulence frostbyte c_egypt caribbean dust2 campo evilness damnation arabic subterra
snapper_rocks kopenhagen asgard mbt12 cwcastle nitro suburb haste valhalla abbey venice mercury core_transfer hidden forge tortuga core_refuge
infamy capture_night river_c serenity xenon nmp9 ph-capture killcore3 duomo
ctfmaps = [
hallo flagstone tempest capture_night reissen tejen shipwreck authentic urban_c bt_falls valhalla garden mbt1 autumn akroseum face-capture dust2
mach2 evilness turbulence l_ctf berlin_wall mbt12 europium abbey redemption damnation forge campo nitro infamy catch22 bad_moon subterra
snapper_rocks haste asgard arbana xenon hidden mercury kopenhagen tortuga mbt4 core_refuge core_transfer desecration recovery wdcd suburb sacrifice
maprotation "* !?ctf !?collect !?protect !?hold !?capture" $ffamaps
maprotation "?capture ?hold" $capturemaps
maprotation "?ctf ?protect ?collect" $ctfmaps
teamkillkick "* !?capture" 7 30
teamkillkick "?capture" 10 30